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Hello...I am Julia Bitton, a board-certified holistic health practitioner, traditional naturopath, health & wellness coach, and smoothie & wine lover...

All About Me

My goal is to help people develop long-lasting holistic healthy habits rather than relying on short-term diets. 

I have been helping clients as a naturopathic practitioner since 2007, and I believe everyone can live a healthy and vitalized life. My method is simple – remove what is harmful and add what is beneficial. This integrative approach takes into account your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social wellbeing. Each of us differs in how we digest food, how our bodies detoxify, and which foods nourish or inflame our systems. Likewise, each of us has different entry points into health and wellness.

I grew passionate about health and wellness coaching because it gives me the tools to support my clients, teaching them how to make changes that will help them achieve and sustain optimal wellbeing. 

Just like you, I've willpowered my way through diets, obsessively counted calories, and based my self-worth on my weight. I used to think that happiness resulted from being thin and weight loss was a result of eating less and exercising more. But I had it all wrong…

My unbalanced relationship with food and movement was wreaking havoc on my metabolism. As a result, I had insomnia, cravings, mood swings, binges, and burnout.

After overcoming my health obstacles by balancing my blood sugar, healing my relationship with food, and taking a holistic mind-body-soul approach to wellness, I've helped hundreds of 1:1 clients do the same. 

I'm here to help you transform your metabolism so you can feel confident in your body, achieve your optimum health goals, and ditch dieting for good.


  • Columbia University, NYC | BS

  • University of Bridgeport, CT | School of Naturopathic Medicine | ND | Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

  • Quantum University For Integrative Medicine | Ph.D. candidate | Quantum Medicine


631 - 557- 0782



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